It is now simple to manage effectively an innovative project.

innovecteur decodes the most up-to-date innovation methods and makes them accessible in the form of articles, podcasts and practical tools that are immediately operational

Traditional project management methods are not adapted to innovative projects

Innovative projects have the particularity of evolving without the destination being known beforehand.

What approach should be used to explore an area of innovation and successfully launch a product on the market?

Managing an innovative project

As a result of academic research, innovecteur has built, tested and developed a system for managing innovative projects.

Successfully implemented with several start-ups, this approach transforms uncertainties into opportunities.

innovecteur designed an innovation management approach that relies simultaneously on 3 key levers:

  1. Innovative product design, to enrich the diversity and originality of concepts
  2. The development of a business model taking into account the ability to attract a growing number of allies
  3. The establishment of a market access strategy, based on the needs of users and their ownership of the product

Frédéric Sauzet enables you to succeed in your innovative projects

As the head of a technology project incubator, I help companies to develop their innovations.

Enthusiastic about the positive and transformative impact of collaborative projects, I have gradually developed a passion for the emergence of creativity and support for innovation.

This professional evolution is based on my dynamic nature, my ability to have a global vision of a situation as well as my creativity sharpened by complex situations. Finding another path allows me to sublimate challenges and promote innovative solutions.

Coaching innovative projects

  • InnoGEX, head of business incubation centre of CERN technologies
  • Raising awareness of entrepreneurship among students and PhD students from Paris Saclay and the Université de Technologie de Compiègne
  • Mentor for the Swiss accelerators MassChallenge, Venture and for Startup Week-end Geneva and Lausanne
  • Jury for MassChallenge, Geofab Grand Genève, Banque Populaire NextInnov

Design sprints and creative workshops

  • Associated with the MyDesignSprint project for the design of the ‘venture design sprint’
  • Coach for Museomix Switzerland
  • Innovation agent during several hackathons


  • 1st employee of AQC, organizational consulting
  • Head of Development and Operations

Project management

  • BNP Paribas, deployment of the Lean program in Europe and Asia
  • Federal Department of Finance in Geneva, implementation of the cultural transformation programme

Corporate consulting

  • Geneva Private Bank
  • Consumer electronics industry
  • Transport Operator